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Meet Dr. Sumaya White

International Author, Choreographer, Speaker & Physical Therapist

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Dr. Sumaya A. White PT, BSPT, MSPT, DPT is a choreography, movement expert and minister who is known for her teaching, choreographic visions and skills around the world. She is able to leverage more than 25+ years of leading and choreographing in Movement Arts Ministry as well her training as a Physical Therapist to impact the global movement arts ministry while caring for, advising and protecting the dancer’s body.


Dr. Sumaya has led, taught, and choreographed for individuals and teams upward of 150+ participants at numerous workshops, conferences, and community events. With 20+ years specializing in evaluating and treating the human body as an independent Physical Therapist, Dr. Sumaya is also able to bring a therapeutic approach to her choreography to address various physical needs of the Movement Arts Minister.


While Dr. Sumaya continues to teach at conferences and workshops, she is offering her expertise, visions, anointing, and ministry directly to individuals through numerous projects such as her Moves of God Book, Workbook and DVD, the Moves of God certification courses, as an instructor for the Trekker Course: Building a Global Brand and as part of the Pillars of Worship.


“With a Global vision and call Dr. Sumaya A. White believes there is no limit to what God will do as she continues to pour into leaders and movement arts ministers worldwide”


A trailblazer, Dr. Sumaya has founded, helped to found and/or direct multiple men’s and women’s movement arts ministries and networks, training thousands of dancers. She has poured and continues to pour into countless dance ministries and movement arts ministers throughout the United States, and in other countries including; Costa Rica, Trinidad & Tobago, Anguilla, St. Maarten and most recently Nigeria where she taught at the Society for Performing Arts Nigeria. This journey in Nigeria allowed Sumaya’s choreography to be televised and witnessed live by over 600,000 people at one of the world’s largest outdoor Christian concerts. 


For more information for booking engagement or to order any of her products or register for one of her courses please go to; and follow Dr. Sumaya on Instagram - @SumayaWhite; Facebook - Facebook/Sumaya.White.3; or connect via email at

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