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Pillars of Worship (POW) is a unified ministry designed to bring training and equipping to the current and especially to the emerging worshiping artist.  Pillars of Worship offers a supportive foundational online training and development platform for worship artists around the globe.  This innovative unity model bridges the educational gaps that ministry arts participants often face.  POW provides specialized curriculum and advisement to equip worshiping artists who serve at every level while not drawing individuals away from their individual arts ministries.  Our seasoned team of instructors have been especially selected to deliver quality content and to bring clarity regarding the role of the arts in the church today through this exciting interactive community of worshippers.  

Pillars of Worship was birthed the fall of 2019 with 5 powerful woman of God all multi-skilled and anointed but with unique focuses and mastery between each of them. Rev. Eyesha Marable brought together this team and released her heart’s desire for pouring out and equipping the current and future generations of Dance Ministers.  As the 5 women; Rev. Eyesha Marable, Minister Ca-Asia Lane, Pastor Rekesha Pittman, Minister Yolanda Rountree and Dr. Sumaya White shared their hearts and visions and together Pillars of Worship was formed.  

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