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Movement Arts Ministers Intensive

Level 1 – Essentials Ambassador Certification Course

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Dates: Tuesdays,  June 23-August 18, 2020

Time: 7-8:30pm EST

Final Exam September 1, 2020

Platform Online - Zoom Video Conferencing

Course Description

The Moves of God Ambassador courses are online certification courses designed for Movement Arts Ministers, Leaders and Choreographers at all levels. This nine-week course will include live online learning sessions with Dr. Sumaya. Students will participate in nine weekly, live online classes via Zoom. There will also be “Growth-Work” assignments to be completed during the intensive sessions.


These classes will deepen the Movement Arts Ministers understanding of the course material in and beyond the Moves of God book, workbook, and optional DVD.  The course will expand their expression, the capacity of movement, and increase impact while simultaneously reconnecting their heart to the source of all creativity and movement: their relationship with God and His matchless Word. Upon completion graduates will become certified MOG Essential Ambassadors.

Course Objectives

  1. To develop a greater passion for God

  2. To increase our love and need for the Word of God

  3. To achieve a magnified connection of the Living Word and the Living Body

  4. To master of some of the Fundamentals of Movement

  5. To begin to expand our Movement Language

  6. To understand and apply Choreographic Intent (Moving with Purpose) to movement


Course Certification: MOG Essentials Ambassador

  1. Attend sessions

  2. Complete assignments

  3. Active class participation (Online via private MOG Essentials Facebook Group & via Zoom sessions)

  4. Registration for and successful completion of the final exam


Course Materials

Required Materials:

  • Smartphone or Laptop

  • Space for movement

Required Text: Moves of God Book, & Workbook

Course Cost

Discount price for the course is $399 including registration until 6/20/20!

The regular full price of $499 including registration after June 20th!

Payment plans are available, click register below for payment plan details.

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