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The Clarion Call Pageantry 2023 Spring Intensive

Level 1 – Course Completion or

Level 1 – Essentials Ambassador Certification 

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Dates: Sundays,  March 26-July 17, 2023

Time: 7:15-8:45pm EST

Platform Online - Zoom Video Conferencing

In person Sessions for Students in Massachusetts/Rhode Island areas

Course Description

The Moves of God Clarion Call Pageantry course is an online certification course designed for Movement Arts Ministers, Leaders and Choreographers at all levels. This nine-week course will include live online learning sessions with Minister Alicia. Students will participate in nine weekly, live online classes via ZOOM. There will also be “Growth-work” assignments to be completed during the intensive sessions via MOG-Pageantry Google Classroom.


These classes will deepen the Movement Arts Ministers understanding of the course material and move beyond just waving a flag, to connecting the appropriate worship tools to biblical symbolism, prophetic movement, and demonstration.  Students have the option of completing one of the MOG Pageantry Pathways:  Course Only Students receives a certification of completion of the course and all course requirements; Certification Students, upon completion of the course, course requirements, and final presentation, graduates will become certified Level 1 MOG Instructors also known as MOG Essential Ambassadors.

Course Objectives
1.    To develop a greater passion for God
2.    To increase our love, need for the Word of God, and becoming a “Willing Vessel”
3.    To apply biblical symbols and symbolism and identify symbolic acts. 
4.    To understand the power and purpose of worship tools and how to apply in Choreography 
5.    To become proficient in the use of worship tools


Course Completion requirements (All students): 

1.    Attend sessions

2.    Complete assignments

3.    Active class participation:

a.    Online via private MOG Pageantry Facebook Group and MOG Facebook Group; and

b.    via ZOOM sessions

4.    Registration and successful completion of all course work.  


MOG Essentials Ambassador requirements (Certification Students):  
1.    Attend sessions including additional sessions as detailed in course outline
2.    Complete assignments
3.    Active class participation:

a.    Online via private MOG Pageantry Facebook Group and MOG Facebook Group; and
b.    via ZOOM sessions

4.    Registration and successful completion of all course work and submission of final presentation.  

Required Course Materials 

  • Smartphone or Laptop

  • Zoom (link to be sent via email)

  • Google Classroom 

  • Space for movement

  • Journal (paper or online  

  • WIFI connection

  • Strong’s Concordance 

Required Worship Tools

  • Tambourine (Adult size with 10-inch drum) (avg. cost $25.00-$30.00)

  • One (1) set of square flags (medium size or at least 40” wide x 22” long) [$30-$50]

  • One (1) set of Angel Wing flags with flexi rod (46” wide x 36” long) [avg. cost $50-$100]

  • One (1) Silk fabric (80- wide x 36” long) [$60-$80]

  • Optional but highly encouraged:  Mat’tah [$75-$150]

Required Text available for sale on Amazon 

  • The Clarion Call Workbook by Alicia Siryon-Wells (Available through course instructor and
    included in course tuition)
     Heavenly Impact: Symbolic Praise, Worship, and Intercession by Jeanette Straus (Available
    through Amazon)

Additional Information and Resources
Course Pricing & Payment Plans:

Registration Fee: $25
Course Only (Non Certification)
•    10-week MOG course completion is only $285.00 
•    10-week MOG Payment plan option cost $315.00
Certification Course
•    12-week plus MOG Certification is only $339.00   
•    12-week plus MOG Payment plan option cost $369.00 
•    Certification fee: $35.00 includes Certificate, MOG Gift, and initial annual dues (Separate link sent for Certification fee)
*Please note that once a student commits to with the course only pathway or certification pathway, they must commit to that pathway until the completion of the course.  If a certification student does not complete all the additional requirements for certification, then they will receive a “Course Completion” certificate. 


Contact information:

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