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Moves Of God International

Our mission is to cause a global shift and expansion in the Ministry of Movement Arts. By challenging and expanding the capacity and understanding of the Movement Arts Ministers’ purpose, creativity, development, embodiment, and release of movement; while disrupting how Movement Arts Ministry and Ministers is perceived by the church at large and the world through biblical education and demonstration.

Movement Arts Ministers Intensive Certification Course

Offering an online certification course where Movement Arts Ministers receive training,
teaching, activations and impartations to expand the movement artists movement
vocabulary, creation and release of movement.


Pillars of Worship Course

Apostle Sumaya White will be part of a dynamic team of instructors as she focuses on her specialty of Movementology – the study of movement, the human body and choreography. Join a community of worshippers who are determined to change the conversation around worship arts.

Coming Soon!

Choreography: Connecting the Heart and the Word

An online course designed for Movement Arts Ministers and Choreographers at all levels.  This 6-week course made up of live and pre-recorded sessions with Apostle Sumaya White, that will expand the movement artists’ understanding, expression and capacity of movement while simultaneously reconnecting their heart to the source of all creativity and movement in their relationship with God and His matchless Word.  Students will also be taught a piece of choreography to which they will re-work, throughout the 6 sessions.


Clarion Call Pageantry Course

Minister Alicia Siryon-Wells is teaching the Clarion Call Pageantry course which is an online certification course designed for Movement Arts Ministers, Leaders and Choreographers at all levels. These classes will deepen the Movement Arts Ministers understanding of the course material and move beyond just waving a flag, to connecting the appropriate worship tools to biblical symbolism, prophetic movement, and demonstration. 

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