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Embrace your Passions, Projects & Pursuits 

Are you ready to embrace the purposes for your life? Often we live out only certain sections of our lives, but we can live a full life by activating and operating in our gifts. Our purpose at Sumaya White Enterprises is to enable individuals like you, from around the world, to improve and find fulfillment in your lives. 


Through step by step demonstration and training, I will share how to embrace and fulfill the totality of your purpose. You will receive training that encompasses the mind, body and soul. Another way to think about a healthy mind, body and soul, is to live out your Passions, Projects and Pursuits.

You've waited long enough, we've all waited long enough!  Let's connect and discover your next level.

"You have encouraged me in so many ways, to work in my ministry and push me out of my comfort zone."

-Shachia Tesha Strachan , Owner of Shachia’s Essential Hair and Skin (Trinidad)

"A special thanks to Pastor Sumaya White who made our latest episode of Public Praise TV one of our most watched shows."

-Michael Hendricks, Owner Public Praise TV

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